Every home and business needs a toilet. As plumbers, we fix and install toilets everyday of all makes and models. We even have experience installing fancy electronic bidet toilets.

We are properly equipped to service, replace, or install any toilet. Crown Plumbing Inc is here to help you with all services ranging from clogs to leaks to full replacements.

Baths and Showers

Every home has a shower or bath. Crown Plumbing Inc can fix any leak from valve problems to faulty fixtures. Our experts will come up with the best solution to your bath problems.

We have experience installing all types of bathtubs including cast iron, acrylic, enameled steel, fiberglass, cultured marble, cast polymer, and resin types. Our crew will ensure that all tubs are installed properly and level so you don't need to worry about trouble down the road.

If you need our toilet or bath & shower services,
please call (212) 426-6282